Moondog and his friends (TSP radio show 04/11/05)

  1. Moondog, ‘Rabbit Hop’ (1955)
    From Moondog and His Honking Geese, UK HONEST JONS RECORDS HJP17 10″ EP (ND)
  2. ‘Lullaby’ (1956)
    From Moondog, USA PRESTIGE OJC-1741 LP (1990 reissue)
  3. ‘Tree Trail’ (1956)
    From OJC-1741
  4. ‘Bumbo’ (1955)
    From HJP17
  5. ‘Big Cat’ (1956)
    From OJC-1741
  6. ‘Dragon’s Teeth / Voices of Spring’
    From Moondog and His Friends, UK HONEST JONS RECORDS HJP24 10″ mini LP (ND)
  7. ‘Street Scene’ (1956)
    From OJC-1741
  8. ‘Tree Frog / Be a Hobo’
    From HJP24
  9. a: ‘Snaketime Rhythms’ (1954)
    b: ‘Duet’
    From Surf Session, GERMANY MOONDOG’S CORNER MOCO EP 001 (2004)
  10. a: ‘A Duet – Queen Elizabeth Whistle and Bamboo Pipe’
    b: ‘Tugboat Toccata’
    c: ‘OO Solo’
    d: ‘All is Loneliness’
    From More Moondog, UK ACE RECORDS CDJZD 006 CD (1991)
    Original issue PRESTIGE LP 7069 (1956)
  11. ‘Dog Trot’ (1955)
    From HJP17
  12. a: ‘Avenue of the Americas’
    b: ‘Fog on the Hudson’
    c: ‘Chant’
    From Moondog on the Streets of New York (1953)
  13. ‘Suite No 2’
    From HJP24
  14. ‘Stamping Ground’
    From Moondog, UK CBS RECORDS 63906 LP (1969)
  15. a: ‘Voices of Spring’
    b: ‘What’s the most exciting thing’
    c: ‘All is Loneliness’
    From Moondog 2, USA COLUMBIA KC 30897 LP (1971)
  16. ‘Symphonique No 6 (Good for Goodie)’
    From CBS 63906
  17. a: ‘Why spend a dark night with me’
    b: ‘Coffee Beans’
    From KC 30897
  18. ‘Chaconne in G’
    From Moondog in Europe. Managarm, GERMANY KOPF RRF 33014 LP
  19. ‘Mirage’
    From A New Sound of an Old Instrument, GERMANY KOPF 133017 LP
  20. ‘Logründr No IX in A Major (Portrait of my Mother)’
    From Moondog. Instrumental Music by Louis Hardin, USA MUSICAL HERITAGE SOCIETY MHS 3803 LP (ND)
  21. Love Child, ‘Be a Hobo’
    From Love Child Plays Moondog, USA FORCED EXPOSURE FE-020 7″ (1990)
  22. Kenny Graham and His Satellites, ‘Chant’ + ‘Lullaby’
    From Moondog and Suncat Suites (1959)
  23. Julie Andrews and Martyn Green, ‘Favorite Nursery Rhymes’ (fade)
    From Tell It Again, ANGEL RECORDS (ND)
  24. Moondog, ‘Blast Off!’
    From Big Band, GERMANY TRIMBA MUSIC 01001-8 CD (1995)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM