What's practical new (TSP radio show 03/02/06)

  1. Icebreaker, ‘Yo Shakespeare’ (composed by Michael Gordon)
    From Terminal Velocity, USA CANTALOUPE MUSIC CA21031 CD (2005)
  2. Uské Orchestra, ‘L’enclume du pays des dents’
    From Niko et la Berlue, GERMANY SONIG 50CD (2005)
  3. Go:gol, ‘This cap is an ugly present’
    From Gorymaaz, GERMANY A-MUSIK A28 CD (2005)
  4. Psychonautilus, ‘Nihilist Make Up’
    From 72 Fluorescent Droppings of a Baboon Headed Mongrel, NO LABEL CD (2005)
  5. TapeNoise, (Track 3)
    From Life is this Crop, UK NO LABEL CDR (2005)
  6. Magicicada, ‘Coso-Joru’
    From Everyone is Everyone, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG005 CD (2006)
  7. Tender Buttons, ‘A Petticoat / Cold Climate’
    From Tender Buttons, DENMARK NO LABEL 2 x 3″ CDR (2004)
  8. Derivitive, ‘Three Corners’
    From Salad, USA EMOO RECORDS EMR001 CDR (2006)
  9. Pointius Piratus, ‘Safe Haven’
    From Blood is the Ocean, NORWAY LETZTON 03 CDR (2005)
  10. Sawako, ‘Patchworked Blanket’
    From Hum, USA 12K 1035 CD (2005)
  11. Mark Vernon, ‘Monitoring is Possible in the Following Ways’
    From Vibrö No 3 Autumn 2005, FRANCE DOUBLE ENTENDRE / AVENCE NO NUMBER CD (2005)
  12. Lise-Lotte Norelius, ‘Bjupp-Bjupp’
  13. [1] Kilo of Black Bondage, ‘Moglobis’
    From Fear The Windows, RONDA RND 06 / WALLACE WAL 63 CD (2005)
  14. Fred Lonberg-Holm Quartet, ‘Exit’
    From Bridges Freeze Before Roads, USA LONGBOX RECORDINGS LBT036 CD (2006)
  15. Ian Helliwell, ‘The Boffin’
    From Workshop of the World, UK SUPERBO 003 2 x CDR (2005)
  16. Takuma Itoi, ‘The Third Person’
    From Quietude, KARATE JOE RECORDS KJ017 CD (2005)
  17. Oren Ambarchi, ‘Lost Time Not Found Again’
    From Steinbrüchel, Opaque (+RE), ROOM 40 RM411 CD (2005)
  18. Mikroknytes, ‘Lissybleed’
    From Sess-Supastreng, USA KAVEKAVITY 001 CD (2005)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM