88 keys or more (TSP radio show 17/02/06)

Guest presenter Harley Richardson

  1. Butthole Surfers, ‘Waiting for Jimmy to Kick’
    From Rembrandt Pussyhorse, EU RED RHINO EUROPE RRELP2 LP (1985)
  2. The Residents, ‘Rest Aria’
    From Meet the Residents, HOLLAND TORSO CD416 CD (1988 reissue; original release 1973)
  3. The Shangri-Las, ‘Train from Kansas City’
    From The Shangri-Las Collection: 20 Greatest Hits, HOLLAND MASTERS MA21285 LP (ND)
  4. Sounds Orchestral, ‘Cast Your Fate To The Wind’
    From UK PICCADILLY 7N.35206 7 inch single (1964)
  5. Vince Guaraldi Trio, ‘Linus and Lucy’
    From A Boy Named Charlie Brown OST, GERMANY FANTASY FCD8430-2 CD (1989)
  6. Sounds Orchestral, ‘To Wendy With Love”
    From UK PICCADILLY 7N.35206 7 inch single (1964)
  7. King Missile, ‘Jesus Was Way Cool’
    From Mystical Shit/Fluting On The Hump, HOLLAND SHIMMY DISC EUROPE SDE 9016/CD CD (1990)
  8. Jad Fair and Kramer, ‘Double for Me’
    From Roll Out The Barrel, HOLLAND SHIMMY DISC EUROPE SDE8802 LP (1988)
  9. Daniel Johnston, ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’
    From 1990, HOLLAND SHIMMY DISC EUROPE SDE0-15/LP LP (1990)
  10. Rebby Sharp, ‘Walk By The Fire’
    From In One Mouth and Out The Other, USA SHIMMY DISC SHIMMY032 LP (1990)
  11. Swell Maps, ‘Don’t Throw Your Ashtray At Me’
    From A Trip to Marineville, UK RATHER/ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 2 LP (1979)
  12. The Fall, ‘Jap Kid’
    From Levitate, UK ARTFUL CDX9 CD (1997)
  13. Swell Maps, ‘Raining in my Room’
    From Jane from Occupied Europe, UK MUTE RECORDS MAPS 2 LP (reissue 1989; original release 1980)
  14. Jean Martinon, Ravel’s ‘Piano Concerto’ (first movement)
    From Debussy – Ravel: Orchestral Works, UK EMI CLASSICS 5 75526 2 8XCD (2002)
  15. Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim, ‘Mannenberg Is Where It’s Happening (Cape Town Fringe)’ (excerpt)
    From Voice of Africa, UK KAZ RECORDS KAZLP101 2XLP (1988)
  16. John Coltrane, ‘My Favorite Things’ (excerpt – McCoy Tyner’s piano solo)
    From My Favorite Things, US ATLANTIC 8122-75350-2 CD (reissue 1998; original release 1960)
  17. Mad Man Jones, ‘Snake Charmer’
    From Sin Alley! volume 4, SLEAZE SL-5562 LP (ND)
  18. Todd Rundgren, ‘Torch Song’
    From Something/Anything, US BEARSVILLE 0698 2XLP (1972)
  19. Dan Fogelberg, ‘Another Old Lang Syne’
    From Forever Country: 75 All Time Country Greats, UK INNOVATIVE MUSIC IMP93 4XLP (ND)
  20. Hüsker Dü, ‘No Promise Have I Made’
    From Candy Apple Grey, GERMANY WARNER BROS 7599-25385-2 CD (1986)
  21. Randy Newman, ‘Louisiana 1927’
    From Good Old Boys, GERMANY WARNER BROS REP 54022 LP (1974)
  22. Black Sabbath, ‘Changes’
    From Black Sabbath, UK NEMS RECORDS NEL 6009 LP (1977 reissue; original release 1970)
  23. Popol Vuh, ‘Spirit of Peace (part 1)’
    From Aguirre, FRANCE SPALAX MUSIC 14974 CD (1996 reissue; original release 1976)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM