Latest pineapples happening (TSP radio show 03/03/06)

  1. Filastine, ‘The Last Redoubt’
    From Burn It, SPAIN SOOT RECORDS 08 CD (2006)
  2. Hall / Ranaldo / Hooker, ‘The Mechanism’
    From Oasis of Whispers, CANADA ALIEN8 RECORDINGS ALIENCD59 CD (2005)
  3. Artur Nowak, tracks 2-6 from Guitar Granulizer, POLAND CD (2004)
  4. Na, ‘All Out Rock’
    From Radio sessions, USA SocketsCDR SCDR008 CDR (2005)
  5. Filastine, ‘Quemalo Ya’
    From Burn It, op cit.
  6. Crossbred, extract from Take off your fuckin’ vanity, USA APOP RECORDS apop018 3″ CD (2006)
  7. Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox, ‘Freckle Cream’
    From Flux Compendium, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 080 CD (2006)
  8. Las Malas Amistades, ‘El Country’
    From Jardin Interior, USA PSYCH-O-PATH 013 CD (2005)
  9. PSI, extract from oo-ee-oo (burnt offerings), USA EVOLVING EAR EE15 CDR (2006)
  10. Robert Piotrowicz, ‘4th Floor Meeting with Detailed Instructions’
    From Rurokura and the Final Warn, POLAND CD (2005)
  11. Nadja, ‘Memory Leak’
    From Truth Becomes Death, CANADA ALIEN8 RECORDINGS ALIENCD58 CD (2005)
  12. The Inecto School, ‘Night Foot’
    From St Vitus’ Dance, NO NUMBER CDR (2004)
  13. Cacoy, ‘Mo ma W Maw’
    From Human Is Music, SCANDINAVIA RUMRAKET RUM004 CD (2005)
  14. Bradbury, ‘Gob’
    From Instant Oblivion, AUSTRALIA DUAL PLOVER PLV7701145 CD (2006)
  15. Wolfmangler, ‘The Mangling of Tasmanian Wolves’
    From Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 080-86 6 x CD (2005)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM