More new mangoes (TSP radio show 24/02/06)

  1. Sun City Girls, ‘Mysteries Behind the Curtain’
    From Carnival Folklore Resurrection 14: Static from the Outside Set, USA ABDUCTION RECORDS ABDT 035 CD (2006)
  2. Residual Echoes, ‘Greetings Ancient Ocean’
    From Phoenician Flu and Ancient Ocean, USA HOLY MOUNTAIN 90156 CD (2006)
  3. ent, ‘Beating Cherry Nipples’
    From fuck work, BASKARU KARU 5 CD (2006)
  4. Yannick Dauby, ‘Track 8’
  5. Zaar, ‘Tougoudougoum’
    From Zaar, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 224 CD (2006)
  6. Alan Sondheim and Ritual All 770, ‘Track 1’
    From The Songs, USA FIRE MUSEUM RECORDS FM04 CD (2005)
    Original issue on Riverboat Records 1967.
  7. Porest, ‘Levantine Spirit’
    From Tourrorists!, USA ABDUCTION RECORDS ABDT 034 CD (2006)
  8. Charles Bascomb, ‘1952 Junk Commission Blues’
    From You’re on your Own comp, UK FLAT EARTH RECORDS NO NUMBER CD [1999]
  9. Richard Leo Johnson, ‘Briar Patch Harmony’
    From The Legend of Vernon McAlister, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 222 CD (2006)
  10. Porest, ‘Hoyda’
    From Tourrorists!, op cit.
  11. uncle e, ‘The Deeper they go’
    From deep in the bushes, AUSTRALIA ANTBOY 08 CD (2006)
  12. Phillip Werren, ‘Whale Piece’ (1970-71)
    From Electronic Music (1968-1971), USA CAST EXOTIC ARCHIVES #X003 2 x CD (2005)
  13. Bob Cobbing, ‘Portrait of Robin Crozier’ (1977)
    From Text-Sound Compositions – A Stockholm Festival, SWEDEN FYLKINGEN RECORDS 1024:1-5 5 x CD SET (2005)
  14. Alvars Orkester, ‘Cobra Mist’
    From Interference, UK ASH INTERNATIONAL # ASH 6.9 CD (2005)
  15. Door, (Track 1)
    From The Broken Beast’s (Golden) Jaw, USA KITTY PLAY RECORDS NO NUMBER CDR (ND)
  16. Temperatures, ‘Too Hot to Handle’
    From untitled 45rpm single (2005)
  17. Alphane Moon, ‘Made of Flowers’ (fade)
    From made of flowers full of stars, WALES OGGUM15CDR (2006)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM