Post Frieze 1 hr (TSP radio 12/10/07)

  1. Core of the Coalman, ‘Delawanna Autochords Ingested Death Knell from Withers’
    From Anxiety, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT019 CD (2007)
  2. bARBARA, ‘The Philosopher Under Pressure’
    From Peger, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE hcb-009 CD (2007)
  3. Wizard Prison, ‘Gogon’s Family Conference’
    From Wizard Prison II, USA GRAVELVOICE MUSIC GVR016 CD (2006)
  4. Franck Vigroux / Elliott Sharp, ‘Earth Lift’
    From Hums 2 Terre, FRANCE SIGNATURE SIG 11040 CD (2007)
  5. Massshivers, ‘Mossy Nethers’
    From Ecstatic Eyes Glow Glossy, UK PICKLED EGG RECORDS EGG 70 CD (2007)
  6. Peter Martin and Finch, ‘Roses’ (1974)
    From Drouyn, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1067CD (2007)
  7. Phantom Limb and Bison, ‘Bright Yellow Rays’
    From Phantom Limb and Bison, USA EVOLVING EAR EE20 CD (2007)
  8. Pee Ess Eye, ‘Revival’
    From Mayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack, USA EVOLVING EAR EE21 CD (2007)
  9. Wolfmangler, ‘Uneasy Autumn Moan’
    From Cooking With Wolves, USA DIGITALIS ACE002 CD (2007)
  10. Mariola Brillowska and Felix Kubin, ‘HOND aerobic’
    From H.O.N.D. House Of National Dog, GERMANY A-MUSIK A33 CD (2007)
  11. Sarlunden / Bjakas / Mas, ‘The Sound It Makes’
    From Dubious, UKRAINE NEXSOUND NSP01 CD (2007)
  12. Tully, ‘Follow Me’ (1972)
    From Sea of Joy Original Soundtrack, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1068CD (2007)
  13. Serafina Steer, ‘By This River’
    From Cheap Demo Bad Science, UK STATIC CARAVAN VAN 138 CD (2007)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM