ESP-Disk’ sampler III (TSP radio 19/10/07)

With guest presenter Clive Graham

  1. Alan Sondheim and Ritual All 7-70, (Track 5)
    From The Songs, USA FIRE MUSEUM RECORDS FM04 CD (2005)
    Original issue Riverboat Records 1968
  2. Franz Jahger / Duncan Charters / Julius Balbin, ‘La Lingvo por Ni’
    From Ni Kantu in Esperanto, USA ESP-DISK 1001 LP (1964)
  3. The Godz, ‘Riffin’ (1967)
    From Godz 2, ITALY BASE ESP-DISK 1047 LP
  4. Billl Horwitz, ‘Henry K’ (1975)
    From Lies, Lies, Lies, GERMANY ZYX ESP 3020-2 CD
  5. Ed Askew, ‘Mr Dream’ (1968)
    From Ask The Unicorn, GERMANY ZYX ESP 1092-2 CD
  6. Bob James Trio with Robert Ashley, ‘The Wolfman’
    From Explosions, ESP-DISK 1009 LP (1965)
  7. Jean Erdman, ‘Act 1, Scene 2: The Fall Wake and Resurrection of a certain party’
    From The Coach with the Six Insides, USA ESP-DISK 1019 LP (1963)
  8. Patty Waters, ‘Moon don’t come up tonight’
    From Patty Waters Sings, ESP-DISK 1025 LP (1966)
  9. Randy Burns, ‘Girl From England’
    From Evening of the Magician, UK FONTANA STL5520 LP (1968)
    Original issue ESP-DISK 1089 LP
  10. William Burroughs, excerpts from The Naked Lunch and Nova Express (1959)
    From Call Me Burroughs, USA ESP-DISK 1050 LP (1965)
  11. Erica Pomerance, ‘Anything Goes’ (1968)
    From You Used to Think, GERMANY ZYX ESP 1099-2 CD
  12. A-7-70, ‘Rock / Day’s Eye’
    From T’Other Little Tune, USA ESP-DISK 1082 LP (1968)
  13. Cro Magnon, ‘Caledonia’
    From Orgasm, USA ESP-DISK 2001 LP (1969)
  14. Tony Snell, ‘Fungus’
    From Medieval and Latter Day Lays, USA ESP-DISK 3004 LP (1973)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM