One Man Bands (TSP radio 22/02/08)

  1. Pete Townsend, ‘Pure and Easy’
    From Who Came First, UK TRACK RECORD 2408 201 LP (1972)
  2. Anthony More, ‘Judy Get Down’
    From Flying Doesn’t Help, UK QUANGO RECORDS HMG 98 LP (1979)
  3. Robert Wyatt, ‘East Timor’
    From Old Rottenhat, UK ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 69 LP (1985)
  4. Paul McCartney, ‘Hot As Sun’
    From McCartney, UK APPLE RECORDS 1C 062-04 394 LP (1970)
  5. David Bowie, ‘Weeping Wall’
    From Low, UK RCA PL 12030 LP (1977)
  6. Richard Thompson, ‘Rockin in Rhythm’
    From Strict Tempo!, UK ELIXIR RECORDS ELIXIR LP 1 (1981)
  7. Roy Wood, ‘Rockin’ Shoes / She’s too good for me’
    From Boulders, UK EMI HARVEST SHVL 803 LP (1973)
  8. The Replacements, ‘Androgynous’
    From Let It Be, UK ZIPPO RECORDS ZONG 002 LP (1984)
  9. John Fogerty, ‘I saw it on TV’
    From Centerfield, WARNER BROS RECORDS 925 203-1 LP (1985)
  10. Roy Wood, ‘Songs of Praise’
    From Boulders, op cit.
  11. Johnny G, ‘Skye Boat Song’
    From Water Into Wine, UK BEGGARS BANQUET RECORDS BEGA 30 2 x LP (1982)
  12. Johnny G, ‘Call me Bwana / The Educated Monkey’ (1977)
    From G-Beat, UK BEGGARS BANQUET RECORDS BEGA 16 2 x LP (1980)
  13. Stevie Wonder, ‘Keep on Running’
    From Music of My Mind, UK TAMLA MOTOWN / EMI RECORDS LTD STMA 8002 LP (1972)
  14. Todd Rundgren
    ‘Couldn’t I Just Tell You’
    ‘I Saw the Light’
    ‘Saving Grace’
    From Something / Anything?, USA BEARSVILLE RECORDS 2BX 2066 2 x LP (1972)
  15. Jad Fair, ‘Sex Machine’
    From Everyone Knew…But Me, USA PRESS RECORDS P4005 LP (1983)
  16. Jad Fair, ‘Frankenstein Must Die’
    From The Zombies of Mora-Tau, UK ARMAGEDDON RECORDS AEP 003 EP (1980)
  17. Elvis Costello, ‘Ghost Train’
    From New Amsterdam, UK F-BEAT RECORDS XXFE EP (1980)
  18. Richard Thompson, ‘Will ye no cam back again / Cam O’er the Stream Charlie / Ye Banks and Braes’
    From Strict Tempo!, op cit.
  19. Nick Lowe, ‘Nutted by Reality’
    From Jesus Of Cool, UK RADAR RECORDS RAD 1 LP (1978)
  20. Roger Ruskin Spear, ‘Trouble with my Trousers’
    From Unusual, UK UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29508 LP (1974)
  21. Brian Wilson, ‘Melt Away’
    From Brian Wilson, SIRE RECORDS 925 669-1 LP (1988)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM