Festa Fred Frith (TSP radio 18/04/08)

  1. Henry Cow, ‘Teenbeat Reprise’ (1973)
    From Leg End, UK RER MEGACORP ReR HC1 CD (1998)
  2. Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser, ‘Roy Rogers’
    From Who Needs Enemies?, USA METALANGUAGE RECORDS ML-123 LP (1983)
  3. Fred Frith, ‘The As Usual Dance towards the other flight to what is not, part 3’
    From Step Across the Border, UK RER MEGACORP ReR/FRO 03 CD (2002)
  4. French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson, ‘Where’s The Money?’
    From Live, Love, Larf & Loaf, UK DEMON RECORDS FIEND 102 LP (1987)
  5. Fred Frith, ‘Channel Change’
    From The Top of His Head, BELGIUM MADE TO MEASURE MTM 21 CD (1989)
  6. Skeleton Crew, ‘Learn To Talk’
    From Learn To Talk, USA RIFT RECORDS 08 / SWITZERLAND REC REC MUSIC 05 LP (1984)
  7. Fred Frith, ‘Life of a Detective’
    From Prints, UK RER MEGACORP ReR/FRA 02 CD (2002)
  8. Fred Frith, ‘Glass c/w Steel’
    From Guitar Solos, UK CAROLINE RECORDS C1508 LP (1974)
  9. Art Bears, ‘The Song of Investment Capital Overseas’
    From The World As it is Today, UK RECOMMENDED RECORDS Re 6622 LP (1980)
  10. Fred Frith, ‘Alienated Industrial Seagulls etc’
    From Guitar Solos 3, USA RIFT RECORDS 1 LP (1979)
  11. Art Bears, ‘The Slave’
    From Winter Songs, UK RECOMMENDED RECORDS Re 0618 LP (1979)
  12. Fred Frith, ‘Walking Song’
    From Cheap at Half the Price, USA RALPH RECORDS FF 8356 LP (1983)
  13. Fred Frith, ‘Fooled Again’
    From Accidental, UK RER MEGACORP ReR/FRA 01 CD (2001)
  14. Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith, ‘Poitiers’
    From French Gigs, FRANCE A.A.A A02 LP (1983)
  15. Fred Frith, ‘What a Dilemma’
    From Gravity, USA RALPH RECORDS FF 8057-L LP (1980)
  16. Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser, ‘It Sings’
    From With Friends Like These, USA METALANGUAGE RECORDS 107 LP (1979)
  17. Art Bears, ‘Albion, Awake!’
    From The World As it is Today, op cit.
  18. Chris Cutler and Fred Frith, ‘Meltdown’ (1978)
    From Live Volume 2, UK RER MEGACORP ReR CCFF2 CD (1994)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM