Free Sax & electronics (TSP radio 06/06/08)

  1. Dislocation, ‘Between the Windows of the Sea (Part One)
    From Carve Another Notch, SCOTLAND SCATTER 01:CD (1994)
  2. Evan Parker and Paul Lytton, ‘On Reflection’
    From At The Unity Theatre, UK INCUS RECORDS INCUS 14 LP (1975)
  3. John Butcher and Phil Durrant, ‘A Tilbury’
    From Secret Measures, USA WOBBLY RAIL WOB 006 CD (1997)
  4. Anthony Braxton featuring Richard Teitelbaum, ‘#4’
    From Open Aspects ’82, SWITZERLAND HAT HUT RECORDS HAT ART 1996/96 2 x LP (1982)
  5. Evan Parker and Walter Prati, ‘Double Negative’
    From Hall of Mirrors, ITALY MM&T RECORDS CD01 (1990)
  6. Joe McPhee (with John Snyder), ‘Voices’
    From The Willisau Concert, SWITZERLAND HAT HUT RECORDS B LP (1976)
  7. Charles Austin and Joe Gallivan, ‘Finding Speed’
    From Home from Home, UK OGUN RECORDING LTD OG 522 LP (1979)
  8. Evan Parker and Lawrence Casserley, ‘Tlaloc’
    From Solar Wind, UK TOUCH TO:35 CD (1997)
  9. Borbetomagus and Voice Crack, ‘Cracked Magus’
    From Fish That Sparkling Bubble, USA AGARIC RECORDS Ag 1987 / SWITZERLAND UHLAND PRODUKTION UP06 LP (1987)
  10. Julius Hemphill, extract from Roi Boyé and The Gotham Minstrels, USA SACKVILLE 3014/15 2 x LP (1977)
  11. Simultaneous playback with:

  12. David Tudor, ‘Sliding Pitches in the Rainforest in the Field: Rainforest Version IV’ (1973)
    From Rainforest, USA MODE RECORDS MODE 64 CD (1998)
  13. Anthony Braxton featuring Richard Teitelbaum, ‘#5’
    From Open Aspects ’82, op cit.
  14. Evan Parker and Walter Prati, ‘The Port Said Model (for Conrad Cork)’
    From Hall of Mirrors, op cit.
  15. Lol Coxhill with The Recedents, ‘Deja Vu’
    From Frog Dance, UK IMPETUS RECORDS IMP 28407 2 x LP (1986)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM


  1. Playlist looks jolly interesting thanks, but the mp3 I downloaded in no time flat was truncated: it’s only 4 and a bit minutes long here.

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