Thijs be Kurio New van Leer (TSP radio 27/06/08)

  1. Altered States, ‘vii’
    From Bluffs ii, JAPAN doubtmusic dmf-109 CD (2006)
  2. Supersonic Riverside Blues, ‘Seth’
    From data 4.5.1, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS d’ac 5001 CD (2008)
  3. Bartek Kujawski, ‘Hyssop’
    From Murlull Movies, POLAND WARSZTAT8R W8R00 CD (2008)
  4. The Holy Modal Rounders, ‘Indian War Whoop’ (1965)
    From Live in 65, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 4045 CD (2008)
  5. Alva Noto, ‘u_08-1’
    From Unitxt, GERMANY RASTER-NOTON r-n 095 CD (2008)
  6. Cath and Phil Tyler, ‘Queen Sally’
    From Dumb Supper, UK NO-FI RECORDINGS NEU008 CD (2008)
  7. Gamma Goat, ‘Mighty Big Boots’
    From Beard of Sound, Beard of Sand, USA PUBLIC EYESORE EH?39CDR (2008)
  8. Henry Grimes Trio [featuring Perry Robinson], ‘Saturday Night What Th”
    From The Call, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 1026 CD (2008)
  9. Sudden Infant, ‘Tandoori Chicken Scooter III’
    From Psychotic Einzelkind, USA BLOSSOMING NOISE BNO36CD (2008)
  10. Makigami Koichi, ‘Zackly’
    From Moon Ether, JAPAN doubtmusic dms-107 CD CD (2006)
  11. Hose, ‘Hankyu-Rokko on the Seabed’
    From Hose, JAPAN UNKNOWNMIX4 / HEADZ 97 CD (2007)
  12. Jazkamer, ‘Tonal Protest’
    From Jazkamer / Mark Durgan split 7”, UK NO-FI RECORDINGS NEU006 7-INCH SINGLE (2007)
  13. Ralph Lundsten with Neurobash, ‘Constructing Tomorrow’
    From The Naked Moon and the Virgin Sun, SWEDEN ANDROMEDA MUSIC AB ACD 53 CD (2008)
  14. Allroh, ‘Dieser’
    From NYM, AUSTRIA TROST TRO97 CD (2008)
  15. Barnaby Oliver, ‘Glossalia’
    From …My Arms are Hollow Tubes, AUSTRALIA UNSTATES UN02 CDR (2007)
  16. The Giuseppe Logan Quartet, ‘Dance of Satan’ (1964)
    From The Giuseppe Logan Quartet, ESP-DISK’ ESP 1007 CD (2008)
  17. Fria Konstellationen, ‘Röst Av Mossa’
    From Musik om Fria Konstellationen, SWEDEN REV/VEGA REC. RVR004 CD (2008)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM