Black Bellowers (TSP radio 04/07/08)

  1. Ved Buens Ende, ‘You, That May Wither’
    From Written in Waters, UK MISANTHROPHY RECORDS AMAZON 006 CD (1995)
  2. Furze, ‘Necrosaint Black Metal’
    From Necromanzee Cogent, UK CANDLELIGHT RECORDS CANDLE0148CD (2006)
  3. Peste Noire, ‘La Fin del Secle’
    From Folkfuck Folie, FRANCE DE PROFUNDIS CD (2007)
  4. Beherit, ‘Sadomatic Rites’
    From Drawing Down the Moon, NORWAY SPINEFARM RECORDS SPI 14 CD (1993)
  5. Bekhira, ‘Utopian Millennium’
    From The Black Legions, BLACK CULT RECORDINGS BCR 001 CDR (ND)
  6. Caïna, ‘The Mother’
    From Some People Fall, USA GOD IS MYTH GIM022 CD (2006)
  7. Draugar, ”The Slow Spiral’
    From From Which Hatred Grows, USA TUMULT TM 232 CD (2003)
  8. Blood of the Black Owl, ‘Uwwalo’
    From Blood of the Black Owl, USA BINDRUNE RECORDINGS BR 005 CD (2007)
  9. Mütiilation, ‘Acceptance of My Decay’ (fade)
    From Sorrow Galaxies, FRANCE END ALL LIFE PRODUCTIONS EAL 053 CD (2007)
  10. Bone Awl, ‘It Must Be…on Black Mountain’
    From So I Must take from the Earth and make it on my own, USA HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS HOS-145 7″ VINYL (2006)
  11. Forgotten Woods, ‘The Principle and the Whip’
    From Race Of Cain, USA 20 BUCK SPIN / ATMF 006 CD (2007)
  12. Alcest, extract from ‘Le Secret’
  13. Menace Ruine, ‘Dove Instinct’
    From Cult Of Ruins, CANADA ALIEN8 RECORDINGS ALIENCD75 CD (2008)
  14. Rigor Sardonicous, ‘Incompertus quod Anon’
    From Vallis Ex Umbra de Mortuus, USA PARAGON RECORDS PRG 23016 CD (2007)
  15. Elysian Blaze, ‘Sigh of Night’
    From Levitating the Carnal, AUSTRALIA ASPHYXIATE RECORDINGS AR010 CD (2006)

And see the Encyclopaedia Metallum

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM


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