All-French II (TSP radio 05/09/08)

  1. Ma Banlieue Flasque, ‘N.S.K.’
    Original issue Ma Banlieue Flasque, FRANCE CELLULOID LTM 1.021 LP (1979)
  2. Jean Guérin, ‘Triptik 2’ (1971)
    From Tacet, ITALY ELICA MPO-3560 CD (2001)
    Original issue FRANCE FUTURA SON 04 LP
  3. Fille Qui Mousse, ‘Cantate Disparate’ (1972)
    From Trixie Stapleton 291, FRANCE SPALAX 14919 CD (1998)
  4. Pierre Bastien, ‘Gypsy Rhythm’ (1986)
    From Les Premières Machines 1968-1988, FRANCE MUSEA GAZUL GA 8687.AR CD (2006)
  5. Lard Free, ‘Acide Framboise’ (1973)
    From Lard Free, FRANCE SPALAX 14225 CD
  6. Jac Berrocal, ‘R.a.s.’ (1979)
    From Catalogue, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN plana-B 9TES.o58 CD (2005)
  7. Red Noise, ‘Galactic Sewer-Song’
    Original issue Sarcelles Locheres, FRANCE FUTURA RED 01 LP (1970)
  8. Pascal Comelade, ‘Vertical’
    Original issue Paralelo, FRANCE PARASITE PAR 002 LP (1980)
  9. Nu Creative Methods, ‘Brikhebana’
    Original issue Nu Jungle Dances, FRANCE D’AVANTAGE DAV05 LP (1978)
  10. Jac Berrocal, ‘Leila Concerto’
    Original issue Musiq Musik, FRANCE FUTURA RECORDS SON 06 LP (1973)
  11. Bernard Bonnier, ‘Blue Marine’ (1984)
    From Casse-Tête, CANADA ORAL 23 CD (2008)
  12. Pascal Comelade, ‘Séquence 1-4’ (1978)
    From Back to schizo, FRANCE MUSEA GAZUL GA 8679.AR CD (2004)
  13. Bernard Vitet, ‘Trolley Grésilleur’
    Original issue La Guêpe, FRANCE FUTURA SON 05 LP (1971)
  14. Mahogany Brain, ‘Sky-Fish’
    Original issue With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger), FRANCE FUTURA RED 02 LP (1971)
  15. Jean-Baptiste Barriere, ‘Situations Extremes’
    Original issue Pandémonium: Non, Jamais l’espérance, FRANCE ATEM 7004 LP [1976]

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

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