Keiji Haino

The Sound Projector Radio Show 26 February 2010

  1. Keiji Haino, extract from Execration That Accept To Acknowledge, USA FORCED EXPOSURE FE-032 CD (1993)
  2. Track 1 from The 21st Century Hard-y Guide-y Man, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-68 CD (1995)
  3. Track 2 from Tangled Up In The Universe, My Pain, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD 8020 CD (2005)
  4. ‘My Only Friend’, from A Challenge To Fate, FRANCE LES DISQUES DU SOLEIL ET DE L’ACIER CDSA 54029 CD (1994)
  5. Track 6 from Tenshi No Gijinka, USA TZADIK TZ 7203 CD (1995)
  6. Track 3 from Hikari Yami Uchitokeaishi Kono Hibiki, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-8017 CD (2003)
  7. Track 7 from To Start With, Let’s Remove The Colour!, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-8014 CD (2002)
  8. ‘You who will in no way I who can in no way’, from A Challenge To Fate, op cit.
  9. Extract from Affection, JAPAN PSF RECORDS PSFD-23 CD (1992)