Guitar Avant IV

The Sound Projector Radio Show 11th June 2010

  1. Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson, ‘Time Overlaps Itself’
    From Daily Dance, USA WARM O’BRISK WD5 CD (1998)
  2. Evan Ziporyn, ‘Amok! Part 4’
    From Gamelan Galak Tika, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80565-2 CD (2000)
  3. Fria Konstellationen, ‘Röst Av Mossa’
    From Musik Om Fria Konstellationen, SWEDEN REV/VEGA RECORDS RVR004 CD (2008)
  4. Joseph Suchy, (Track 6)
    From Entskidoo, GERMANY ENTENPFUHL EMM LP 05 CD (2001)
  5. Northern Cross, ‘Corvus Dei’
    From Crows Of The World, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 099/100 2 x CD (2007)
  6. Bill Horist & KK Null, ‘Multi-Dimensional Erosion’
    From Interstellar Chemistry, USA BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS MT037 CD (2002)
  7. Leap-Seconds, (Track 5)
    From Mistral, UK ENCAUSTIC CDR (2005)
  8. Tribes Of Neurot and Walking Time Bombs, ‘Edgewood’
    From Static Migration, USA RELAPSE RECORDS / RELEASE RR 6972-2 CD (1998)
  9. Dual:
    ‘Protest in the Boardroom’
    ‘Chomping On My Leg’
    ‘Corporate Lies and Deceit’
    From Destroy All Improv, USA TOAST AND JAM RECORDINGS T&J 014 CDR (2002)
  10. Bill Baird, ‘Cloud Breath’
    From Silence!, USA BIG ORANGE RECORDS BO005 CD (2006)
  11. Korperschwache, ‘Dead Flowers on the Welcome Mat’
    From Brotherhood of the Bowl, USA INAM RECORDS 10 CD (2007)
  12. MGR, ‘Shipping Gold’