88 Enemies: The music of Martin Archer

The Sound Projector Radio Show 23rd July 2010

  1. Masayo Asahara, ‘Part 4 Second Tempo’
    From Saint Agnes Fountain, UK AUDIO LACERATION AL007 CD (2003)
  2. Martin Archer, ‘Random Axis’
    From Ghost Lily Cascade, UK DISCUS 4CD (1996)
  3. Martin Archer, ‘Ringtones 2’
    From Heritage and Ringtones, UK DISCUS 18CD (2004)
  4. Martin Archer, ‘In The Mornings Out There’
    From In Stereo Gravity, UK DISCUS 33CD (2008)
  5. Transient V Resident, ‘Electrical Shroud Part 3’
    From Electrical Shroud, UK DISCUS 7CD (1997)
  6. Robert Goodman, ‘Fly Wheel Fantasy (part 2)’
    From This Music is Silent Until You Listen, UK DISCUS 6CD (1996)
  7. Martin Archer, ‘Silver and White Sequences for Helmut Lemke’
    From Sound Gallery Volume One, UK DISCUS 9CD (1997)
  8. Martin Archer, ‘The Eclipse Farm Heresies’
    From Winter Pilgrim Arriving, UK DISCUS 12CD (1999)
  9. Martin Archer, ‘Dot Demi’
    From In Stereo Gravity, op cit.
  10. Simon H. Fell and Martin Archer, ‘Pure Water Construction Part 3’
    From Pure Water Construction, UK DISCUS 11CD (1999)