ElectroAcoustic IV

The Sound Projector Radio Show 24th September 2010

  1. A.M. Salad, ‘Tasty Treat (Pork Chopette)’
    From Lo-Fi for Hi-Fi, USA SUNSHIP RECORDS SUN 51 CD (2004)
  2. Frank Rothkamm, ‘Arppegiator’
    From Moers Works, RUSSIA MONOCHROME VISION MV10 CD (2006)
  3. Philip Jeck, ‘1986 (Frank was 70 Years Old)’
    From Surf, UK TOUCH TO:36 CD (1999)
  4. David Shea, ‘Shock Corridor (Medley)’ (extract)
    From Shock Corridor, JAPAN AVANT AVAN 013 CD (1992)
  5. Daphne Oram, ‘Bird Of Parallax’ (1972)
    From Oramics, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 21 2 x CD (2007)
  6. Lieutenant Caramel, ‘Expectation et Banquet’ (from Odyssée du Lt Caramel) (1985)
    From Early Tape Works, RUSSIA MONOCHROME VISION MV08 2 x CD (2006)
  7. The Loop Orchestra, ‘Son Of Overtly Orchestral’
    From Not Overtly Orchestral, GERMAN QUECKSILBER 5 CD (2004)
  8. Al Margolis / If, Bwana, ‘Cicada #5: Version Bohman’
    From Rex Xhu Ping, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21038-2 CD (2005)
  9. Michael Prime, ‘Timeslips’
    From Aquifers, USA RRRECORDS RRR-CD-09 (1993)

One comment

  1. Great show Ed, was able to listen online/real time, first time for ages. Sorry transports getting you down, but people will vote in right wing gov after right wing gov….competitive free market economy…works so well doesn’t it?

    Been writin funding applications all week, to burn the pain off each night been listening to Ab. nothing but Pebbles/Vinyl Villains garage punk and drinkin wine..

    So it was good to wipe the slate completely clean and hear a large dollop of completely different ideas & sound.

    will still download it though, a couple of them I would like to investigate further.

    Fantastic title for the Oram thing.

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