Zelphabet A to G

The Sound Projector Radio Show 8th October 2010

  1. A M K, ‘Flux Owls for Evermore’
  2. blackhumour, ‘and do what / control’
  3. C. Spencer Yeh, ‘Three Synthesizers March 2008’
  4. Daniel Menche, ‘Grand Perpetuator’
  5. Contagious Orgasm, ‘Heart Station’
  6. Ed Osborn, ‘Outfield Derivation’
  7. Failing Lights, ‘The Submarine Twilight’
  8. Evil Moisture, ‘Blood Picnic’
  9. Fin, ‘Works for Magnetic Tape’
  10. Gregory Whitehead, ‘The Catastrophe Class’

All selections from the Zelphabet Series 2008-2009
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