Math Metal Multiplied

The Sound Projector Radio Show 22nd October 2010

  1. Lightning Bolt, ‘Dracula Mountain’
    From Wonderful Rainbow, USA LOAD RECORDS LOAD 041 CD (2003)
  2. Melvins, ‘Dr. Geek’
    From Hostile Ambient Takeover, USA IPECAC RECORDINGS IPC-20 CD (2002)
  3. Botch, ‘C. Thomas Howell As The “Soul Man”‘
    From We Are The Romans, USA HYDRA HEAD RECORDS HH666-041 CD (1999)
  4. The Dillinger Escape Plan, ‘Sunshine The Werewolf’
    From Miss Machine, USA RELAPSE RECORDS 6589-2 CD + DVD (2004)
  5. Burmese, ‘Into It’
    From Split, USA CRUCIAL BLAST CBR 38 CD (2004)
  6. Comets On Fire, ‘Graverobbers’
    From Comets On Fire, USA ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES VIRUS 301 CD (2003)
  7. Sightings, ‘Bishops’
    From Absolutes, USA LOAD RECORDS LOAD 048 CD (2003)
  8. Converge, ‘Heaven in her Arms’
    From Jane Doe, USA EQUAL VISION RECORDS EVR61 CD (2001)
  9. Old Man Gloom, ‘Sonic Wave Of Bees / Sonar Enlightenment Program / Rotten Primate’
    From Meditations In B, USA TORTUGA TR007 CD (2000)
  10. Earth remixed by Russell Haswell, ‘Tibetan Quaaludes (Waveset Sloth Mix)’
    From Legacy of Dissolution, USA NO QUARTER NOQ006 CD (2005)
  11. Cave In, ‘Big Riff’
    From Jupiter, USA HYDRA HEAD RECORDS HH666-52 CD (2000)
  12. Isis, ‘Altered Course’
    From Panopticon, USA IPECAC RECORDINGS IPC-57 CD (2004)
  13. Capricorns, ‘1969: A Predator Among Us’
    From Ruder Forms Survive, UK RISE ABOVE RECORDS RISECD67 CD (2005)
  14. Pelican, ‘Drought’
    From Australasia, USA HYDRA HEAD RECORDS HH666-75 CD (2003)