My Mad Compani

The Sound Projector Radio Show 4th March 2011

  1. Bird Names, ‘The [email protected] Lake’
    From Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun, USA NORTHERN-SPY NSCD006 CD (2011)
  2. Vialka, ‘Unreliable Narrators’
    From La Poursuite De L’Excellence, FRANCE VIA-008 CD (2011)
  3. I Compani, ‘Madame Kafka’s Dinner Song’
    From Mangiare!, NETHERLANDS ICDISC.NL 1101 CD (2011)
  4. Absolute Value Of Noise, ‘War Vet’
    From The Silent Speaker, CANADA ABSOLUTE VALUE OF NOISE CD (2010)
  5. Arturas Bumsteinas, (Track 07)
    From My Own Private Bayreuth, POLAND HOTELMARIAKAPEL CD (2011)
  6. Premier Roeles, ‘Frederic’
    From Ka Da Ver, NETHERLANDS VINDU 20111 CD (2011)
  7. Phantom Heron Seas, ‘Part II’
    From The Unkindness of Ravens, UK DEAD SEA LINER 27 3″ CDR (2011)
  8. Zanzibar Snails, ‘Crimini Headrush’
    From Caveat Emperor, FINLAND IKUISUUS IKU-027 CD (2011)
  9. CM Von Hausswolff, ‘Day And Night’ (Track 01)
    From 800 000 Seconds In Harar, UK TOUCH TO:82 CD (2011)
  10. Stéphane Garin / Sylvestre Gobart, ‘Sobibor: The Platform’
    From Gurs / Drancy…, GRUENREKORDER GRUEN085 CD (2010)
  11. David Lumsdaine, ‘Crossing Palace Green to the Cathedral’
    From Big Meeting, UK NMC REC D171 CD (2011)
  12. Eco D’Alberi, ‘Up Toward The Sun’
    From Eco D’Alberi, USA PORTER RECORDS PRCD-4054 CD (2011)

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