Mad Dogs of the Underworld

An overview of the label It’s War Boys
Special two-hour edition of the show
Encoded at 320 kbps
Broadcast Sunday 19th June 2011
From the Raven Row art gallery

  1. Nancy Sesay And The Melodaires, ‘C’est Fab’
  2. L. Voag:
    Living Room
    The Lengthy Pause
    Boxing and Sparring
    Planning, Budgeting, Shopping
    From The Way Out, ALCOHOL ALLVCD (1997)
    Originally issued in 1979
  3. Amos and Sara:
    Cruel Cocktails
    In a Hell Bed
    Totem of 1000 Dolls
    Green is a Bad Colour
    The Tame One
    From The Private World of Amos and Sara, IT’S WAR BOYS £2 CASSETTE
  4. Milk From Cheltenham:
    Mr Fridge
    What About Air War
    Snappy Fingers
    El Toro Saldra
    Invitation to Action
    Krazy Golf
    From Triptych of Poisoners, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN M 8TES.057 CD (2005)
    Original issue IT’S WAR BOYS £3 LP (1983)
  5. Amos and Sara:
    Lu-Lu on the Rocks
    Sexy Terrorist
    From Sara Goes Pop, IT’S WAR BOYS £4 2 x SINGLE
  6. Vic Serf And The Villains:
    Bone City
    Baby I’m Turning Blue
    Export Figures for ’97
    What To Do Wiv The Burglar
    The Ranch Boys
    The Double Vision of El Meas
    From Rok Y Roll, ITS WAR BOYS £6 CASSETTE
  7. Lepke B rarities:
    Untitled #2
    Untitled #3
    Untitled #5
    Untitled #6
    Untitled #7
  8. Amos and Sara:
    Bossa Kings of Cumba
    Urge to Cha Chat
    The Westerners
    From Invite To Endless Latino, IT’S WAR BOYS £10 CASSETTE (1983)
  9. Amos & Crew:
    Tokyo Golden Night
    No 1 Beast in Japan
    How Much American?
    Urban Masterpieces
    Key Role Fragments
    From True Tears, IT’S WAR BOYS £11 CASSETTE (1982)
  10. Narky Brillans:
    Worship Worship USA
    Fashist Tea Party
    From Goes into Orbo, IT’S WAR BOYS £13 CASSETTE (1981)
  11. Gus Coma:
    Gut Morning
    Very Smart it Was
    Meet Our Employees
    Avril Shower
    Say Aah
    Gus Coma Expands
    From Colour Him Coma, PARADIGM PD 27 CD (2011)
    Original issue IT’S WAR BOYS £17 CASSETTE

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