Zeromoon sampler

The Sound Projector Radio Show 15th July 2011
A sampler from the Zeromoon label

  1. Mystery Hearsay, ‘BinAry’
    From Honey Anvil Syrup, [zero139a] CDR (2001)
  2. Gintas K, ‘Taip Taip’
    From Taip Taip, [zero019r] CDR (2004)
  3. R.R. Habarc, ‘It Will Be Rain’
    From Detektiv, [zero004CB] CDR (2006)
  4. Second Violin, ‘Purpose’
    From Hospital Fugue Of Mad Nurse, [zero106a] CDR (2001)
  5. Normal Music, ‘Frankera’
    From Brev, [zero006r] CDR (2003)
  6. Violet and Bertrand Denzier, ‘Inside the Liberated Area’
    From The Long March, [zero017r] CDR (2004)
  7. Fe-Mail, ‘Anomalous Stains’
    From Dissolution Tapes, [zero004] CDR (2003)
  8. Portable Noise Kremator, ‘Married couple reading letters from home with newspaper clippings about cholera in Italy’
    From Portable Noise Kremator, [zero009CB] CDR (2006)
  9. Kotra, ‘Entries’
    From Dissolution Tapes, [zero004] CDR (2003)
  10. Zavoloka, ‘Jattuka’
    From I, [zero016r] CDR (2004)
  11. Bokor, ‘Violence is a precision instrument’
    From Marines, [zero010CB] CDR (2006)
  12. Alexander Kibanov, Alexei Borisov, Alexei Bortnichuk, Cisfinsitum, Hutopia, TRRRack, [zero097] (2009)
  13. Violet Clon, ‘Windpulse’
    From Attack Of, [zero007CB] CDR (2006)
  14. Mystery Hearsay, ‘Rupture’
    From Flesh Dwarf, [zero140a] CDR (2002)
  15. Violet + Das Torpedoes, 36, [zero015r] CDR (2004)

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