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The Sound Projector Radio Show 29th July 2011

  1. MoHa!, ‘Flisespikking/Lyd Med Tenner/Mjøl Di Eiga Kake’
    From Meiningslaust Oppgulp, NORWAY RUNE GRAMMOFON RACD106 CD (2011)
  2. Trapped In A Loop, ‘Joinus’
  3. XX Committee, ‘NP, Ward 3’
    From Steel Negro Music, USA TRASH RITUAL TRASH049 CD (2011)
    Recorded in 1981-1982.
  4. Splice, ‘Debris’
    From Lab, UK LOOP RECORDS LOOP 1013 CD (2011)
  5. Michel Henritzi, ‘Backyard’
    From Kyoto No Tsuki & Dyin’ Shadows, FRANCE DYIN’ GHOST RECORDS 03 CDR (2011)
  6. Hobocombo, ‘Be A Hobo’
    From Now That It’s The Opposite, It’s Twice Upon A Time, ITALY TROVAROBATO PARADE TRB P04 CD (2010)
  7. Eisuke Yangaisawa, ‘Cicada Chorus’
    From Ultrasonic Scapes, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER Gr081 CD (2011)
  8. Pseudo Code, extract from Pretending To be Human Flesh, NETHERLANDS PLINKITY PLONK PLINK 029 CD (2011)
  9. Jasper TX, ‘Signals Through Wood & Dust’
    From The Black Sun Transmissions, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB016 CD (2011)
  10. Biosphere, ‘Oi-I’
    From N-Plants, UK TOUCH TO:84 CD (2011)
  11. Antoine Chessex, extract from Dust For 3 Violins, Backtape and Electronics, SWITZERLAND CAVE12 C12O02 CD (2011)
  12. R/S, ‘Chicago II’
    From USA, GERMANY PAN 18 LP (2011)
  13. Craig Hilton / Tomas Phillips, ‘Sans Mouvement I’
    From Le Goût De Néant, GERMANY ABSINTH RECORDS 019 CD (2011)

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