Old News

The Sound Projector Radio Show 5th August 2011

  1. Hate-Male, ‘Live In Vegas – White Night #1’
    From Total Fucking Hate, UK DOGBARKSOME DISCS DBSD 18 CD (2011)
  2. Summon Thrull, ‘Even The Horses are Cut in Half’
    From Spire Hell Heap, USA DEBACLE RECORDS DBL047 CD (2011)
  3. Warm Digits, ‘Keep Warm’
    From Keep Warm With The Warm Digits, UK DISTRACTION RECORDS DIST22 CD (2011)
  4. Tattie Toes, ‘Amafola’
    From Turnip Famine, UK PICKLED EGG RECORDS EGG78 CD (2011)
  5. Jim O’Rourke, ‘Pedal & Pedal’ (fade)
    From Old News #5, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO OLD NEWS #5 2 x LP (2011)
  6. Trophies, ‘Let Me Take Out the Dog’
    From Become Objects of Daily Use, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS MON037 CD (2011)
  7. Bruce Gilbert, ‘Ingress’
    From Monad, UK TOUCH SEVEN TS12 7″ SINGLE (2011)
  8. Emmanuelle Gibello, ‘Pour fair peur aux enfants dans le noir’
    From Labyrinthe / c104 goto N901, FRANCE BRUIT CLAIR BC05 CD (2011)
  9. Andrew King, ‘The Wife of Usher’s Well’
    From Deus Ignotus, UK EPIPHANY 06 CD (2011)
  10. Dunaewsky69, ‘Andante’
    From Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski, UKRAINE KVITNU 18 CD (2011)
  11. Eugene S. Robinson and Philippe Petit, ‘Chapter 2: Modern Trends in Modernity’
    From The Crying of Lot 69, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS MON040 CD (2011)
  12. Guillaume Laidain, ‘Exterieur II amorce’
    From Instants Mobiles, FRANCE BRUIT CLAIR BC04 CD (2011)
  13. starcircleanatomy, ‘Unline’
    From Cold/Path, USA DEBACLE RECORDS DBL062 CD (2011)
  14. Invisible Polytechnic, extract from Invisible Polytechnic Perform Terry Riley’s In C, UK JUNIOR ASPIRIN RECORDS ASP021 LP (2011)