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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 2nd March 2012

  1. Ramesses, ‘Invisible Ritual’
    From Possessed By The Rise of Magik, UK RITUAL PRODUCTIONS RITE010 CD (2011)
  2. Mars, ‘Cairo’
    From Live At Artists Space, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR068 LP (2011)
    Recorded in 1978.
  3. Donovan Quinn, ‘Laughing City’
    From Honky Tonk Medusa, USA NORTHERN SPY RECORDS NSCD19 CD (2012)
  4. Mars, ‘3E (Fragment)’
    From Live At Artists Space, op cit.
  5. Erb / Lonberg-Holm / Roebke / Rosaly, ‘Kott’
  6. Cooloola Monster, ‘Miedo Liquido’
    From Canciones Del Diablo, SPAIN MASK OF THE SLAVE MS 027 CDR (2010)
  7. Balata, ‘Ring Around the Rosie’
    From We Are All Terrorists, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB-034 CDR (2011)
  8. Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack, ‘Exacerbator’
    From Cracked Refraction, USA PORTER RECORDS PRCD-4061 CD (2012)
  9. Bogusław Schaeffer, ‘Electronic Symphony’
    Bogusław Schaeffer, ‘Assemblage’
    From Assemblage, POLAND BOLT DUX 0881 / 0882 2 x CD (2011)
  10. Kreuzweg Ost, ‘Black Moon’
    From Gott Mit Uns, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR141CD (2011)
  11. Mubles, ‘Implos Necios Creando Vientos De Guerra’
    From El Acceso Al Ser, BELGIUM YOUNG GIRLS RECORDS YGR 45 CDR (2011)
  12. Ural Umbo, ‘Self Fulfilling Prophecy’
    From Delusion of Hope, USA UTECH RECORDS URLP070 LP (2011)
  13. Phillip Jeck, ‘Dark Rehearsal’
    From An Ark for the Listener, UK TOUCH TO:81 CD (2010)
  14. Keith Fullerton Whitman, ‘High Zero Generator’
    From Generators, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO DEMEGO 024 LP (2012)

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