Grab Bag Selection Rouge

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20 July 2012

    1. Etron Fou Leloublan, ‘Phare Plafond’
      From Les Sillons De La Terre, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS GA 8662 AR CD (2004)
    2. Scarcity of Tanks, ‘Head Of Electrons’
      From No Endowments, USA TEXTILE RECORDS TCD21 CD (2009)
    3. Zukanican, ‘Shooting Stick’
      From The Stumbling Block, UK PICKLED EGG RECORDS EGG 73 CD (2009)
    4. Dial, ‘Hey Condition’
      From 168k, USA CEDE 03 CD (2007)
    5. Anechoic, ‘Aqueous Suspension’
      From Leng Jin, USA YOGGOTH RECORDS 009 CD (2006)
    6. Richard Pinhas, ‘Metatron(ic) Rock’
      From Metatron, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 228/229 2 x CD (2006)
    7. Elodie Lauten, ‘Act II, Scene III – Despair’
      From The Death Of Don Juan, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW04 CD (2008)
    8. If, Bwana, ‘Mixed Opinions’
      From Radio Slaves, RUSSIA MONOCHROME VISION MV11 CD (2007)
    9. Artur Nowak, (Track 41)
      From Guitar Granulizer, POLAND EMD/003 CD (2004)
    10. Zeitkratzer and Keiji Haino, ‘Aria II’
      From Electronics, GERMANY ZEITKRATZER RECORDS ZKR 0006 CD (2008)
    11. R/S, (Track 3)
      From One (Snow Mud Rain), USA ERSTWHILE RECORDS 051 CD (2007)
    12. Skozey Fetisch, ‘Warp Fauna’
      From This, Then, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT024 CD (2008)
    13. Musti Laiton, ‘Megacity Chillout’
      From Megacity Chillout, FINLAND TEMMIKONGI TEMMI-0005 CD (2008)
    14. …Plus Zeitkratzer/Haino slight return