Delay and Dither

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st September 2012

  1. Dislocation, ‘View 3’
    From Mud Layer Cake, USA EH? RECORDS EH?29 CDR (2012)
  2. Miguel A. García, ‘Noise and Capitalism’
    From Red River / Rio Tinto, USA GHOST & SON GHOST 5 3″ CDR (2012)
  3. Philip Sanderson, ‘Crystal Set’
    From Hollow Gravity, USA PUER GRAVY PG-002 LP (2012)
  4. Richard Sanderson + Skitter, excerpt from Tone Chambers
  5. Twenty-One Crows, ‘A Tale of High Wood’
    From Sons Of Liberty, UK MULSO PRIMARY RECORDS MPR001 LP (2012)
  6. Sustained Development, ‘Remembrance’
    From Sustained Development, GERMANY ATTENUATION CIRCUIT AC 1001 CDR (2010)
  7. Cooloola Monster, ‘Miedo Liquido’
    From Canciones Del Diablo, ROMANIA MASK OF THE SLAVE MS 027 CDR (2010)
  8. Leo Kupper / Anna Maria Kieffer, ‘Kamana’
    From Digital Voices, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21060-2 CD (2012)
  9. Heldentod, ‘Incorruptible’
    From The Ghost Machine, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR131CD (2011)
  10. Leo Kupper, ‘Paroles Sur Lèvres’
    From Digital Voices, op cit.
  11. Philip Sanderson, ‘Pickle Pin’
    From Hollow Gravity, op cit.
  12. Mubles, ‘Impios Necios Creando Vientos de Guerra’
    From El Accesso Al Ser, BELGIUM YOUNG GIRLS RECORDS YGR45 CDR (2011)
  13. Ian Holloway, ‘Stumble Slightly Lower’
    From Simple Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones, UK QUIET WORLD 22 CDR
  14. Candor Chasma, ‘The Third Void’
    From Rings, ITALY OLD EUROPA CAFE OECD 152 (2012)
  15. Diane Labrosse, Philippe Lauzier and Pierre Tanguay, ‘Dextrus Fitera’
    From Palétuvier (Rouge), CANADA & RECORDS &13 CD (2010)
  16. Woltek Szalonek, ‘Medusa’s Dream of Pegasus’
    From Medusa, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 1010 CD (2011)

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