Divergent Lunches

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 30 November 2012

  1. Mars, ‘Hairwaves’
    From Live At Irving Plaza, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR083 LP (2012)
  2. The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers, ‘Enemies With Get Arms’
    From Peeled Up for the Sake of Fruit Music, UK NO LABEL LP (2012)
  3. Astral Social Club, ‘Churl’
    From Generator Breaker, GERMANY DEKORDER 055 LP (2011)
  4. Rhodri Davies, ‘Questions Of Middle Distance’
    From Wound Response, UK ALTVINYL av038 LP (2012)
  5. Wintsch / Weber / Wolfarth, ‘Rocket’
    From The Holistic Worlds Of, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP010 LP (2012)
  6. Vapor Gourds:
    ‘Magic Daggers’
    From Magic Daggers, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR086 LP (2012)
  7. Ashley Paul, ‘Only You Know’
    From Slow Boat, USA ORANGE MILK RECORDS OM-013 LP (2012)
  8. Gary Wilson, ‘Run Through The Woods’
    From Lisa Wants To Talk To You, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR081 LP (2012)
  9. Locrian and Christoph Heemann, ‘Loath The Light’
    From Locrian and Christoph Heemann, USA HANDMADE BIRDS HB-DIS040 LP (2012)
  10. M2, ‘Interior Locale’
    From At Land’s Edge, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR088 LP (2012)
  11. MIMEO, (Side D extract)
    From Wigry, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP006 2 x LP (2011)
  12. The Swifter, extract from ‘Swallow’
    From The Swifter, UK WORMHOLE WHO#02 LP (2012)
  13. Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, ‘Les Mouches Volantes’
    From Kindspechleber, GERMANY EMPIRIC RECORDS EMREC1 LP (2012)