Man From Uranus

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th April 2013

With special guest Man From Uranus

  1. Rob Jesus and Man From Uranus – ‘The Path’
  2. MFU and Oriol Perucho – ‘untitled’
  3. NFU and Dragon Noir – ‘Dragon Noir’
  4. MFU and CJoynes – ‘New Peasant Shirt’
    From Switched on Guitars
  5. Koudede – ‘hat-Iman-In’
    From Sublime Frequencies Guitars of Agadez vol. 6
  6. MFU – ‘Room Temperatures’
  7. MFU – ‘Clissold Park’
  8. MFU – ‘Jetfighter of Love’
  9. MFU and Bella Basura – ‘Music for Bookshops’
  10. MFU and Faradina Afifi – ‘Molecular Biology’
  11. Rock with Electronics – ‘Sick’
  12. MFU – ‘Train Tracks’
  13. Les Aventures Sous La Mer – ‘Ascension – Schrodingers Duck – My Soulfish – Bird over the Ocean’
  14. MFU – ‘Zero Infinity’
  15. Heatwave – ‘Groove Line’


  1. Deat Ed,
    Many Thanks for returning the “download” button!

  2. Thanks very much Ed Pinsent and Resonance FM for giving me the hour and half to play my music. Great show

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