Scather: a low-key and steady little worker

Daniel Menche, Scather, Taalem, mini-CDR alm23 (2005)

Another of the two little CDRs I bought years ago, this one’s by noisenik Daniel Menche who, funnily enough, had another release “Skadha” out about the same time. I wonder if he simply forgot that he had “Skadha” just out already when he sent this tiny disc out into the wild blue yonder of public scrutiny and opinion. A quivering, juddering wobble drone, perhaps plastic kin to the Energizer Bunny tapping out those tom-tom beats while the battery runs low, stutters on centre stage while deep crackly vibrations ruminate and plot strategy. Soft chitter soon comes into the spotlight but it’s not long before underground crunchy buckling puts up a serious challenge. The music continues to evolve with one set of sounds replacing another,  more crispy-crackly murmur in a low-key austere style than outright childish “look-at-me!” noise.

It gets a bit tight and strangled about the halfway mark and your ears strain to catch all meaning in the thinned-out texture that may be the only thing audible. The piece returns to near full-strength moaning about the 15th minute as it labours towards its goal. In the last minute, the recording comes close to blaring out its heart and soul only to be suddenly cut off!

A fairly quiet recording this was for Menche in those days many years ago, not at all angry or cheeky in spite of its name … this is a steady little worker, head down and tail up, earnest and diligent, that has something to say if you’re prepared to stick with it.

No, I am not talking about the chihuahua, I am talking about this recording!

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