The Wreckage of Wrain

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 24 May 2013

  1. [Something]
  2. Locust, ‘Strobes’
    From You Will Be Safe, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 162 CD (2013)
  3. Tellavision, ‘Limitation’
    From Music On Canvas, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR111 12″ (2013)
  4. Ensemble Skalectrik, ‘Wrektoo’
    From Trainwrekz, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 169 LP (2013)
  5. Homebody, ‘Jungle’
    From In Real Life, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR102 LP (2013)
  6. Moose, (untitled)
    From Fuck Brett, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR085 LP (2013)
  7. Justice Yeldham, ‘Popped In The Head’
    From Popped In The Head All The Time Now, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR108 12″ (2013)
  8. Big People Band, (untitled)
    From Fuck Brett, op cit.
  9. Charlemagne Palestine & Z’EV, ‘Duo C/Z #3’
    From Rubhitbangklanghear, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR340 2 x CD (2013)
  10. Daniel Menche, extract from Marriage Of Metals, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 174 LP (2013)
  11. Diagram A & Belltone Suicide, (untitled)
    From Fuck Brett, op cit.
  12. Alan Licht, ‘Four Years Later’
    From Four Years Older, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 166 LP (2013)