The Podcast of Sickness

The Sound Projector Podcast
Sunday 7th July 2013

A new home podcast to compensate for lack of ResFM show on Friday 5th July. 90 minutes of music, no theme tune, nil anounce for vox.

  1. Marc Lardon, (Track 2)
    From Mörder In Der Pulvermühle, SWITZERLAND DESZPOT #001 CD (2012)
  2. Satanic Abandoned Rock and Roll Society, extract from Bloody Imagination, RUSSIA MIKROTON CD 12 (2012)
  3. Edward Ka-Spel, ‘Old Man trouble’
    From Tanith And The Lion Tree, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR171 CD (2012)
  4. Nico Huijbregts, Three Drones
    From Sympathetic, (a)symmetric – new music for piano, GERMANY NURNICHTNUR 112 06 14 CD (2012)
  5. Hashima, extract from Collapsing New Buildings
  6. Kamyl Kowalczyk, ‘New Sphere’
    From Nova, UK PROTOTYP PRODUKTIONS pplcd02 CDR (2012)
  7. Jon Aveyard, ‘Captive and Comfortable’
    From Gold Dust, UK THE SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER LABEL sok042 CDR (2012)
  8. Banabila & Machinefabriek, ‘Slow Wave I’
    From Banabila & Machinefabriek, NO LABEL CD (2012)
  9. Satanic Abandoned Rock and Roll Society, further extract