Pathway to a cavern

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 6th September 2013

  1. Palm / | \ Highway Chase, ‘Street Stallion’
    From Escape From New York, AUSTRIA SPECTRUM SPOOLS SP028 LP (2013)
  2. Billy Bang, ‘Da Bang’
    From Da Bang!, FINLAND TUM RECORDS TUM CD 034 (2013)
  3. Metal Rouge, ‘White Cube Graffiti’
    From Soft Erase, USA EMERALD COCOON ED010 LP (2013)
  4. Hakon Stene, ‘Study #1 In Self-Imposed Tristesse’
    From Etude Begone Badum, GERMANY AHORNFELDER AH25 CD (2013)
  5. Oh, Yoko, ‘Grand Prix’
    from I Love You…, JAPAN NORMAL COOKIE COOKIE3 CD (2013)
  6. Alex Hills, ‘Alles’
    From The Music Of Making Strange, USA CARRIER RECORDS CARRIER 019 CD (2013)
  7. Sanmi, ‘F_D2’
    From DX_F, UKRAINE FF SPACE FFS009 3″ CD (2013)
  8. The London Sound Survey, ‘Motorocycle Wall Of Death’
    From These Are The Good Times, UK VITTELLI VIT001 LP (2013)
  9. Senking, ‘Cornered’
    From Capsize Recovery, GERMANY RASTER-NOTON R-N 152 CD (2013)
  10. Hoofus, ‘Tangled’
    From Several Wolves, EXOTIC PYLON EP21 CD (2013)
  11. Cavern of Anti-Matter, ‘Sound-Magic’s Death Ray Destroys The Vortex And Has Union With Infinity’
    From Blood-Drums, GERMANY GRAUTAG RECORDS GTR#006 2 x LP (2013)
  12. Juxtavoices, ‘Are Your Children Safe In The Sea?’
    From Juxtanother Antichoir From Sheffield, UK DISCUS 44CD (2013)
  13. Nicholas Wiese, ‘Subfertile (A Dead End Thrill and a Cheesy Addiction)’
    From Living Theory Without Anecdotes, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS core 005 LP (2013)
  14. Babi, (Track 6) [‘Fancy Witch’]
    From Botanical, JAPAN NOBLE LABEL NBL-210 CD (2013)
  15. dieb13, extracts from ‘audible’
    From trick17, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS core 006 LP (2013)