Of No Relevance

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th June 2014

  1. Derek Piotr, ‘Bhadrakali’
    From Tempatempat, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono080 CD (2014)
  2. Base 4, ‘Afro Bue’
    From Axes of Symmetry, USA ANALOG ARTS CD (2014)
  3. B.Lone Engines, ‘Tea Atom Three’
    From Albion Geared, UK QUIET WORLD THIRTY-TWO CDR (2013)
  4. Lunt, ‘Golem Of Fire’
    From Water Belongs To The Night, FRANCE WE ARE UNIQUE RECORDS UR 41 / TREMENS ARCHIVES TA 08 CD (2014)
  5. David Moss / Hannes Strobl, ‘Critical Band’
    From At The Beach: Music for Voice and Electric Bass, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono078 CD (2014)
  6. Pavees Dance featuring Malcolm Mooney, ‘There’s Always The Night’
    From There’s Always The Night, USA NO LABEL CD (2014)
  7. Signal Problems, ‘Pogo Stick’
    From Signal Problems, USA PFMENTUM CD080 (2014)
  8. The Iditarod, ‘Julia Dream’
    From Foxfur & Rarebits, BELGIUM MORC RECORDS MORC #68 CD (2014)
  9. Schloss Mirabell, ‘Memuture’
    From Ghosthour Diary, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono079 CD (2014)
  10. Uli Rennert, ‘Sculpture no. 1 – le radeau de la méduse’
    From Von Den Göttern Weiss Ich Nichts, AUSTRIA PAN TAU-X RECORDS pt-x 107 CD (2014)
  11. Chvad SB, ‘There Isn’t A Day That Goes By’
    From Crickets Were The Compass, USA SILBER RECORDS CD (2014)
  12. Karina ESP, ‘Distant Light’
    From A Still From The Film, BELGIUM MORC RECORDS MORC #69 CD (2014)
  13. Vera Kappeler, ‘Kei Mueter Weiss’
    From O hett i flügel, SWITZERLAND VETO RECORDS 016 CD (2014)
  14. Odeya Nini, ‘Tunnel’
    From Vougheauxyice, USA PFMENTUM PFMCD083 (2014)
  15. Gabriel Saloman, ‘Cold Haunt’
    From Soldier’s Requiem, NORWAY MIASMAH RECORDINGS MIACD026 (2013)
  16. Ottoanna, ‘Get Rid of these Rubber Noises’
    From Federated States of Micronesia, P48 EDITIONS / MUDAM CD (2014)