The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12th September 2014

  1. Space Siren, ‘Evidence collection guidelines’
    From If you scream like that your monkey won’t come, NETHERLANDS SUBROUTINE RECORDS SR059 (2014)
  2. Tejero / Serrato / Diaz, ‘Dire Threat’
    From Sputnik Trio, SPAIN SENTENCIA RECORDS RT006 CD (2014)
  3. Venetian Snares, ‘She Runs’
    From My Love is a Bulldozer, UK PLANET MU RECORDS ZIQ350 CD (2014)
  4. Alien Whale, ‘Astral Projections and Suicidal Thoughts’
    From Alien Whale, UK CARE IN THE COMMUNITY CARE008EP 10″ (2014)
  5. Ergo Phizmiz:
    ‘The Tinker Song’
    ‘Hyenas in the Hallway’
    From The Peacock, UK CARE IN THE COMMUNITY LP (2014)
  6. Street Priest, ‘Market’
    From More Nasty, USA HUMBLER RECORDS (2014)
  7. Anne-F Jacques / Tim Olive, (Track 2)
    From Dominion Mills, JAPAN 845 AUDIO 845-4 CD (2014)
  8. Juanjo Palacios, extract from Ensenada, UK LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS LOR052 CDR (2014)
  9. Sarah Peebles (with Evan Parker and Nilan Perera), ‘Delicate Path (Lime)’
    From Delicate Paths – Music for Sho, NETHERLANDS UNSOUNDS 42U CD (2014)
  10. Yvan Etienne, ‘La Lueur’
    From Feu, BELGIUM APOSIOPESE 10 CD (2014)
  11. Lars Akerlund, Jean-Louis Huhta, Zbigniew Karkowski, extract from Horology, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS MONO057 CD (2012)

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