Skrat 2000-2009

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th September 2014

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  1. Antony Milton, ‘Not Far Now’
    From Sirens & And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG 059 CD (2004)
  2. bran(…)pos, ‘Archival Rodeo At The Gambling Hall Of Double Rights And Truths’
    From Coin-Op Khepri, USA C.I.P. CIPCD 21 (2007)
  3. Origami Genitalia, ‘Just Drugs’
    From Dolores Dewberry / Origami Genitalia, USA APOP RECORDS APOP001 CD (2005)
  4. Vertonen, ‘Lost In The Tumbler’
    From Stations, USA C.I.P. CIPCD019 CD (2006)
  5. The Child Readers, ‘A Loved Thing/Gull’s Blood’
    From Music Heard Far Off, USA SOFT ABUSE SAB021 CD (2008)
  6. Maja S.K. Ratkje, ‘Waves IIB’ (extract)
    From River Mouth Echoes, USA TZADIK TZ8051 CD (2008)
  7. The Caution Curves, ‘Leslie’ (extract)
    From The Caution Curves, USA INITIATED EYE IE001 CD (2005)
  8. R.Y.N., ‘The Cleansing’
    From Astral Death, UK UNREST PRODUCTIONS UNPRCD02 CD (2008)
  9. Batchas, ‘Prospecting’
    From Explorations 85-95, MONOCHROME VISION MV14 CD (2007)
  10. Rev. Dwight Frizzell, ‘Scrat’ (extract)
    From Natural Selection, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 12 CD (2000)
  11. Alexei Borisov, extract from Before The Evroremont, NB RESEARCH DIGEST NBRD-04 CD (2002)
  12. Zeitkratzer and Carsten Nicolai, ‘c1’
    From Electronics, GERMANY ZEITKRATZER RECORDS zkr 0004 CD (2008)

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