A MOR Market

Ben Jacov
Transalp EP


Distanz Unde Nahe
OKTAF#08 CD (2014)

Electronica music is still alive and Ben Jacov is part of a new waves of this genre. Post techno rave party music, slowing down the beat in a kind of pre-sleep, mong-out music. Little beats rise and fall in the background, with the gentle voice of a female singer AikoAiko with very loose structure, which on the whole is quite well done, changing rhythm and not boring the listener too much… A good CD in this genre. Dramatic melodies and café chill-out music or for nice evening between friends.

Another chill-out Album, a quicker tempo than Ben Jacov, Ekoplekz enjoys crossing minimal techno with synth experimentation and turning knobs on his effects box. Nice cover, organic machines, another café type, pre-party night music. Well made but not at all original or different from any of the other minimal recordings out there.

Joerg Schuster’s album Lufth gives a feeling of a sort pre-hipster, post millenium German design & architecture – a bit glitchy and a bit clicky and a bit ambient, unquestionably perfect for the global café listening experience. However, it must be said the mastering on this CD by Jason Corder is very high quality.

One thing all these albums have in common is that they are clearly destined for a market in MOR electronica!