Donors Thanks 2015

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th February 2015

Thanks to all the artistes and labels who kindly donated to Resonance FM this year.

  1. Heart Of Palm, ‘Psychopomp’
    From Psychopomp, UK QUIET WORLD TWENTY FIVE CDR (2011)
  2. The Truth About Frank, ‘A Colder View’
    From Murder Sleep, UK LYF LYFCD002 (2010)
  3. Emmanuel Mailly, ‘Mingot Jazz’
    From Rodeo Ranger, NO LABEL CD (2014)
  4. Blue Sausage Infant feat. Jeff Surak, ‘Space’
    From Flight of the Solstice Queens, USA ZEROMOON ZERO010 CD (2010)
  5. Kikuchi Yukinori + Tim Olive, ‘Solidification’
    From Base Material, JAPAN TEST TONE MUSIC TTM-011 CD (2012)
  6. Felix Kubin, ‘Schnitzler’
  7. Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, ‘Contacts, Stress, Razor…’
    From Elektrokooperativ, UK INDUSTRIAL CULTURE RECORDS ICR 025 CD (2010)
  8. Mark Boombastik, ‘Plastik Lieb’
  9. My Dear Killer, ‘Mild Eyes’
    From The Electric Dragon Of Venus, ITALY BORING MACHINES BM047 LP (2013)
  10. Back Magic, ‘Blood Plaza (Take 1)’
    ‘Blood Plaza (Take 2)’
    From USA PILGRIM TALK PT23 5″ LATHE (2012)
  11. Tim Olive / Alfredo Costa Monteiro, (Track 02)
    From 33 Bays, JAPAN 845 AUDIO 845-1 CD (2012)
  12. Foi Pour Pusillanime:
    ‘Vascularisation Maximale’
    ‘Ohna Hich vi a Fleder Müss’
    ‘Chastes Alvéoles Brouillées’
    From Foi Pour Pusillanime, FRANCE NO LABEL 7 ” SINGLE (2011)
  13. DuChamp, ‘A Worship’
    From Nar, ITALY BORING MACHINES BM045 LP (2013)
  14. Felix Kubin, ‘Groscher Lausangriff’
    (B-side of #6)
  15. Heart of Palm, ‘Welter’
    From Mayonnaise, NO LABEL CD
  16. Nick Hoffmann and Miguel A García, ‘Sepulcros Futuras’
    From Vile Cretin, RUSSIA INTONEMA INT010 CD (2013)
  17. Möslang / Wehowsky, ‘Krater’
    From Einschlagskrater, NETHERLANDS MEEUW MUZAK MM036 7″ SINGLE
  18. Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, ‘Yellow Train Coming To My Home…’
    From Elektrokooperativ, op cit.
  19. The Truth About Frank, ‘Welcome’
    From Murder Sleep, op cit.