New Black Metal Booklet!

The Sound Projector Presents PANDÆMÖNIUM!

Published April 2015
Written by NAUSIKA
Artwork and design by MULCIBER

48pp booklet, A4 size, printed in stark black and white throughout
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PANDÆMÖNIUM! contains BLACK METAL record reviews written in 2013 by Nausika. All content previously published at

Contents: A Pregnant Light, A.M.S.G., Amesoeurs, Ash Borer, Avakr, Bird Of Omen, Cicadan, Circle Of Ouroborus, Crebain, Dressed In Streams, Ehnahre, Fell Voices, Funerary Call, Gevurah, Jute Gyte, Kuxan Suum, Last Sacrament, Lord Time, Lustre, Moëvöt, Muknal, Panopticon, Rhinocervs, Rosaceae, Skagos, Skullflower, Sorcier Des Glaces, Spetkr, Sump, Sutekh Hexen, Torture Chain, Un Festin Sagital, Utarm, White Medal