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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 8th May 2015

  1. Sewn Leather, excerpt from PHASE RECORDS PHR 104 LP (2013)
  2. Beauty School, (Tracks 1-2)
    From Residual Ugly, USA HUMBLER-003 CASSETTE (2015)
  3. Dälek, ‘Hold Tight’
    From ...From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots, FRANCE ICIDAILLEURS IDA074 CD (2015)
    Recorded in 2002.
  4. Melt, ‘Advance’
    From Pure Melt, USA ACCRETIONS ALP057 CD (2015)
  5. Decoder, ‘Superimpose V – Sugar, Maths and Whips’
    Composed by Alexander Schubert.
    From Decoder, GERMANY AHORNFELDER AH27 CD (2015)
  6. Peeeseye, ‘Legs Without Feet’
    From Sci-Fi Death Mask, [UK] HUMAN SACRIFICE HS008 LP (2014)
  7. Ralf Meinz, Karolina Ossowska & Mikolaj Palosz, ‘Bars 1-3’
    From…Play Giuseppe Tartini “La sonata in sol minore al terzo suono”, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR POP10 CD (2015)
  8. Komuna// Warszawa, ‘Act I’
    From…Play Luc Ferrari “Tautologos III”, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR POP11 CD (2015)
  9. Rinus van Alebeek & Michal Libera, ‘Trading Cities 2: San Ferdinandea’
    From …Play Alvin Lucier “Chambers”, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR POP12 CD (2015)
  10. Ian Middleton, ‘Lonely Highway’
    From Well Of Sorrows, UK SKIRE MUSIC SKR02 LP (2014)
  11. Sharron Kraus, ‘A Hero’s Death’
    From Friends And Enemies, Lovers And Strangers, UK CLAY PIPE MUSIC pipe 011 LP (2015)
  12. Klara Lewis, ‘Shine’
    From Ett, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 190 LP (2014)