Hugely enjoyable beat-based music full of exotic sounds and noise by Tumido on their Nomads LP (INTERSTELLAR RECORDS INT036), which is about the ninth release from this Austrian trio who have been releasing this lively zaned-up stuff since about 2003 when they debuted with the o.a.g. album…the drummer Bernhard Breuer also plays in Metalycée, whose recent Expat Blues album gave an impassioned fit of delirium tremens to Jack Tatty here…while not as remorselessly “industrial” as that grisly act of iron-power noise, Tumido still live and die by the drum…they pin 90% of everything they do to the steady drumming pulse of Breuer, a man who only ever plays while wearing a full suit of armour, and they combine studio overdubbed layers, great performances and rich electronic noise to come up with a species of contemporary dark voodoo trance music…the exotic elements are provided by mad guitar and synth noises from Mario Stadler, a grade-A certified loon, and of course the spirited trumpet work of Gigi Gratt from Braaz, Bulbultumido and Ni. Gratt also brings his new toy to the party, to wit the Tres – a Cuban stringed instrument which is also used for cutting cigars and garrotting your political enemies – and when he plays it, it’s like having the ghost of Martin Denny coming to haunt your downtown disco rave, dressed in full Carmen Miranda get-up. Presumably this Tres – an instrument so lethal it’s outlawed in Miami and the Dominican Republic – is creating the bizarre shimmering effect we hear on the ‘Isny’ track, for a few intoxicating moments when it shines forth its eerie scales in order to drive strong men insane. There’s a lot of hyperbole about Tumido being “unpredictable” and “reinventing themselves”, but whichever way it cuts, there’s much hopped-up hyper-juice a-flowing and what we hear is the sound of a band enjoying themselves and achieving deep creative fulfilment, liberation, and serious fun. Real nice…from 12 September 2014.