Icons Falling from the Spires

Another tasty item from dsic’s package of 25 September 2014…a cassette called Negative Approach (LF RECORDS LF042), a single-sided item created with just computer and effects, and one which has its origins in a tape-trading mailart project. One his grimmest statements to date…the press blurb speaks of “societal collapse, disaster and annihilation”, the cover depicts the spire of a church being brought low by outer cosmic forces in a grey desolate setting, and the music is utterly suffocating with its use of evil purring scuzzed-out drones and treated noise blasts. Throughout, the use of mindless repetitions of certain tones and eruptions (impossible to call them “notes” or anything resembling music) serves but to bring home a sense of overwhelming futility. The sound keeps chugging away relentlessly and proceeds at a monstrously slow pace, barely allowing you the space to breath, move, or even to think. There are also traces of “Detroit hardcore” in the mix, which I assume must be an extreme form of Techno / electronica that is beyond my ken. It’s great how dsic manages to pull this off this high degree of remorseless intensity without ever becoming self-important or solemn, unlike many lesser creators working with in the genres of, say, cold Black Metal or dark ambient. Now sold out at source.