The Wind Blows Your Air Pt 1

The Classics Album

WIEMAN scans and fans from left to right and back. Bits, samples, coalescing to form a musical syntax and at last, to make dance with both brains and feet. A scrupulous, careful knit work by Frans De Waard and Roel Mellkop. And for the listener’s bliss, this modus operandi thus displays a psychedelic rhapsody (not only) in blue, where all things dissolve amidst bubbles and a jungle of signals. No dry clinical assemblage here, but a moist adventure within colorful and wet lands.

Within the same tracks, we reach an electronic tunnel of more familiar beats, though not for long. Heavy rock smashed to micro-splinters or, cut into regular patties, those meta-musical methods never cease to carry the melody, be it a repetitive quilt-like meadow, or a severely sequenced roller coaster. One way or another, we face a rich aural tapestry that mesmerizes.

Once, music could be a pleasure preserved for contemplative moments. Today is still the case. And the last track sounds like a fantasy : “Live at the Deaf Club” : filters, beats vibrate, shaking the floorboards, pulsating under a veil through your system. Tap your foot, snapping’ mutant ! (soon, things emerge out of the blurred freeway : motors and ringing bells take you to an exit, scorching but en douceur, sounding like a defect CD.

Add a classy picture on the all-American sleeve; a perfect cowboy in action : channelling horses amidst a cloud of dust, sepia-toned. Stars and stripes all over the rest of the gatefold package.