How Green was my Valium

dsic’s Ambiences II (LF RECORDS LF045) is another fine solo album of computer-generated music run through noise effects by the lovely Greg Godwin. Where he’s often set his sights on harsh and unpleasant nightmarish tones in his previous catalogue, this one leads off with four delightful abstracts somewhat in the sci-fi Radiophonic mode, fit for background music to a 1970s childrens TV programme featuring standing stones, owls, flying saucers, or unpleasant parents who turn out to be warlocks and maguses…’Kobine Cos’ is particularly evocative of a woodland scene where we’re just about to discover the true source of an eerie “hovering” sound, with sickening results…midway through the album we change tack, and ‘IDP’ plunges us down the abrasive path of textured, nasty-drone horrors, on an endless 11-minute path that is guaranteed not to lead to sublimation or a happy outcome…and on ‘Negative Approach (Reprise)’, dsic processes the ghastly jumble of media overload through his filters, mixers and faders, and reveals thereby that the perilous global situation is even worse than the politicians and world leaders imagine. As for the 15-minute ‘Intervention’, this is one Kosmische journey to a dark planet that’s so distant that the combined jet-propulsion powers of Tangerine Dream and The Cosmic Jokers would have been inadequate to get us even halfway there. All the above is my way of saying that when it comes to radical computer noise, dsic always goes further, stays there longer, and apparently isn’t afraid of any unknown terrors that may lay in his path. From 12 March 2015.