Scuba Gear

Angélica Castello / Billy Roisz / Burkhard Stangl / Dieb13

Minimal approaches to an almost rock moment, with subtle drones and little inter-space listening, this quartet creates a very nice improvisation together. The music is not too polite, as is often the case in the genre and there is not too much playing around for the sake of it. There are moments reminiscent of  AMM recordings with their squeaky sounds, very present in the improv genre. It is enjoyable to listen to and fits well into the domestic listening environment. It’s also worth noting that the few recordings released by mikroton are often in the same vein. A very clear sense of space and musicality within the space. We can almost sense the live situation of this recording and feel the interaction between the musicians with a common sense of their global sound, at the service of the music itself. Everything becomes spectral at 30 minutes with many level and microtonal movements fading out quite rapidly as they seep back towards squeaking and rattling… A recording full of refreshing ideas that could be re-arranged a little more with the final result in mind. It’s well done anyway.