Temper, Temper

Derek Piotr

A disc full of electronica glitch and ambient singing sounds from a young polish musician, At first listening it sounds quite well done. After a further listening it appears to lack experience and shows up an outdated aspect of this recording. Why did Monotype publish this work?

Perhaps the voice is too much and it takes over the possible interest of this recording. The tracks are quite repetitive and monotononous, with too few brilliant ideas, they somehow all sound the same… A few years ago such recordings could had been put on a cdr or at best on the internet and maybe that is where they should remain as part of the musicians’ process. However, listening on a hi-fi system it is not very impressive in term of composition. It could be interesting if Derek Piotr works a bit more on tension, silence and the deconstruction of his own loops, adding more granulation, saturation and other fuzz might strengthen these ideas and the lack of statement in this work.

After looking at his website, Piotr appears very active and has produced a lot in 5 years, playing many different venues in the US and around. In any case this recording needs to be developed and re-worked for a better sound and a stronger composition.