TSP Radio Christmas 2015

Choral Music Ancient & Modern

  1. Popol Vuh, ‘Und als ER sah es geht dem Ende zu’
    From Sei still, wisse ICH BIN, GERMANY INNOVATIVE COMMUNICATION KS 80007 LP (1981)
    Choir: Chorensemble der Bayerischen Staatsoper
  2. Ligeti, ‘Lux Aeterna’
    From A Capella Choral Works, EUROPE SK 62305 CD (1996)
    Performed by The London Sinfonietta Voices
  3. Hildegard of Bingen, ‘III: Antiphon’
    From O Vis Aeternitatis, ARS MUSIC AM 1203-2 CD
    Performed by the Schola Der Benediktinerinnenabtei St. Hildegard
  4. Stockhausen, ‘Choral’
    From Chöre Für Doris, GERMANY DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 2530 641 LP (1976)
    Composed in 1951.
  5. Thomas Tallis, ‘Agnus Dei’
    From Mass: Puer Natis est Nobis, UK HMV ASD 4285 LP (1982)
    Performed by the Choir of King’s College Cambridge
  6. Alfred Schnittke, ‘Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Full Of Grief’
    From Concerto For Choir In Four Movements, RUSSIA MELODIYA SUCD 19-00066 CD (1990)
    Performed by the USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir
  7. Orlando Gibbons, ‘O Lord, In Thy Wrath’
    From The English Anthem: Volume Two, UK ALPHA CDCA 912 CD (1990)
    Performed By The Choir of Magdalen College Oxford
  8. Castiglioni, ‘Gyro’
    From Voices For Today, UK EMI EMD 5506 LP (1972)
    Performed by the Swedish Radio Choir
  9. John Sheppard, ‘Sanctus’
    From Messe “Cantate”, FRANCE CALLIOPE CAL 1621 LP
    Performed by the Clerkes Of Oxenford
  10. Trevor Wishart, ‘Anticredos’
    From Mouth Music, UK HYPERION A66060 LP (1983)
    Performed By Singcircle
  11. Carlo Gesualdo, ‘Benedictus’
    From Tenebrae III, FRANCE HARMONIA MUNDI HMA 55240 LP (1972)
    Performed by The Deller Consort
  12. Popol Vuh, ‘Song of Earth’
    From Spirit Of Peace, NORWAY CICADA RECORDS C001 LP (1985)
  13. Penderecki, ‘Stabat Mater’
    From Complete Sacred Works For Chorus A Cappella 1962-92, FINLANDIA RECORDS 4509-98999-2 CD (1995)
  14. Ligeti, ‘Drei Phantasien Nach Friedrich Hölderlin: II. Wenn Aus Der Ferne: Andante Con Tenerezza’
    From A Capella Choral Works, op.cit.