Encoded Description

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 4th March 2016

  1. The Schwarzenbach, ‘Gesicht Freihändig’
    From Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen, GERMANY STAUBGOLD 142 CD (2015)
  2. Imaginary Forces, ‘Continual Dub’
    From Corner Crew, UK SLEEP CODES XERO 006 12″ EP (2014)
  3. Plaistow, ‘Mimas’
    From Titan, SWITZERLAND DYFL04CD (2015)
  4. Tellavision, ‘Unimperative’
    From The Third Eye, GERMANY KARL RECORDS KR031 LP (2015)
  5. Barbara Morgenstern with Hauschka, ‘Meins Sollte Meins Sein’
    From Doppelstern, GERMANY MONIKA ENTERPRISE MONIKA 84 CD (2015)
  6. Band Ane, ‘Inside The Knitting’
    From Anish Music Caravan, DENMARK CLANG RECORDS clang014 LP (2015)
  7. Kurai Keshiki, ‘Kumiawase’
    From Mozaiku, ITALY PSYCHOTIC RELEASE PRCD16 (2015)
  8. CMVH / Leslie Winer, ‘Can I Take Your Order’
    From (1), POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP005 LP (2015)
  9. Oier Iruretagoiena, Track 02
    From Kulakantu, SPAIN NUENI RECS #005 CD (2015)
  10. Ian Douglas-Moore, ‘He did not loiter in Stamford’
    From Three Fate Tales, GERMANY EARWASH RECORDS 02 CD (2015)
  11. Yui Onodera, ‘Semi Lattice 2’
    From Semi Lattice, FRANCE BASKARU karu:37 CD (2015)
  12. JesterN, excerpt from Le Retour Des Oiseaux, ITALY BOWINDO RECORDINGS BW16 LP (2015)
  13. James Welburn, ‘Shift’
    From Hold, NORWAY MIASMAH MIALP031 LP (2015)
  14. Polwechswel, ‘UNY’
    From Untitled (No. 7), AUSTRIA GODrec GOD31 LP (2015)