Diminishing Circles

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 1st April 2016

  1. Asfast, ‘Fracture //Separation’
    From Split, AUSTRIA VENTIL RECORDS V003 LP (2015)
  2. Circles, ’10º Unter Null’
    From Circles, SPAIN MENTAL EXPERIENCE MENT001CD (2016)
  3. Takashi Hattori, ‘The Sand Effects’
    From Moon, JAPAN NOBLE LABEL NLB-215 CD (2015)
  4. Diminished Men, ‘Oistros Dolorous’
    From Vision In Crime, USA ABDUCTION ABDT056 LP (2016)
  5. Kosmose, ‘The Ninetieth Untitled Track / 10 Reverb’
    From Kosmic Music From The Black Country, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR 394 2 x CD (2015)
  6. Homogenized Terrestrials, ‘Ghoosts’
    From Shadows Think Twice, USA AUBJECTS #6 CD (2015)
  7. The Third Eye Foundation, ‘Sleep’
    From Semtex, FRANCE ICI, D’AILLERUS IDA111 2 x CD (2016)
  8. Column One, ‘Cherokee’
    From Cindy, Lorraine & Hank, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 107-2 2 x CD (2015)
  9. The Balustrade Ensemble, ‘Processionary’
    From Renewed Brilliance, UK SEREIN SERE009 CD (2015)
  10. Nils Potet, ‘Lointaines Résonances, Première Partie: Errance’
    From Lointaines Résonances, FRANCE GMUL 043 CD (2015)
  11. Hidden Rivers, ‘White Light Peak’
    From Where Moss Grows, UK SEREIN SERE008 CD (2015)
  12. Kutin, ‘CMYK’
    From Split, AUSTRIA VENTIL RECORDS V003 LP (2015)
  13. Lucrecia Dalt, ‘IOT’
    From OU, GERMANY CARE OF EDITIONS C/O – 5/6 CD (2015)