The Generations Game

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 22nd April 2016

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  1. Gen Ken:
    ‘Confrontation And Contact’
    ‘Departure From This World’
    ‘A New Creature In The Mist’
    ‘Adding Dimensions’
    From Stepping Through Rooms, R.GU-GK1 C60
    Recorded in 1987.
  2. Arcane Device, ‘Noise Matrix Beta’
    From Noise Matrix, GU-AD1
  3. Thomas Dimuzio, ‘Part One: Self-Proclaimed Contention (Without Variation)
    From Delineation Of Perspective, R.GU-TD1 C60
    Recorded in 1987.
  4. Jörg Thomasius, ’96 Voices’
    Conrad Schnitzler, ‘4 Minutes’
    David Prescott, ‘Enmeshment’
    Stefan Tischler with Blair Petrie, ‘The Expected One’
    Morphogenesis, ‘Sounds From The Rock’
    From No Borders, R.GU-COMP
    Originally released in 1987.
  5. Charles Cohen, ‘The Learning Curve Jam’
    From Live At Generator 1989, GU-CC1
  6. If, Bwana, ‘AlMar Variation 3 – DJ Joe MC’
    From Magnetic Beauty, GU-IB1 C60
  7. David Prescott, ‘Walking In Slow Circles (Part 2)’
    From Walking In Slow Circles, R.GU-DP1
    Originally released in 1987.

All selections from the Generations Unlimited cassette label.